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Help & Info about Mobogenie for android

  • What is Mobogenie for Android?

    This is a software bundle which will enable you to view all of the latest smartphone applications available at the Google Play store. So, you can check out new programs that might be useful to download in the future.
  • Is Mobogenie for Android free to install on my smartphone?

    Users will be happy to learn that there is no charge to install Mobogenie for Android. This is notably different when compared to some other bundles that are associated with a one-time fee. Updates are likewise offered at no fee.
  • How safe is Mobogenie for Android?

    This application (as well as the other software programs offered by Softonic) has been thoroughly checked to make certain that there is no malicious coding present. Still, you should always be careful that you do not download any third-party applications from Google Play that may contain threats.
  • What is the total file size of Mobogenie for Android?

    You will need to have at least 6.62 megabytes of free operating space in order for this application to function as it should. Please note that the total file size may vary slightly depending upon the version that you download.
  • Is this program available for any other operating systems?

    If you have a personal computer powered by Windows, you can download an alternative of Mobogenie. The download link is found immediately below the main link within the relevant Softonic page.
  • Can I download apps directly from Mobogenie for Android?

    The main purpose of this system is to allow you to view the latest Google Play offers. However, it is not currently possible to download these apps directly through Mobogenie. If you are looking for any alternative, Softonic could be a wise choice to keep in mind.
  • What are the minimum operating requirements for this package?

    Mobogenie can run on any smartphone powered by Android 2.2 or later versions. If you have a previous variant, you may run into problems in regards to performance.
  • Will Mobogenie for Android require any permissions during its normal operations?

    Like many free third-party applications, this program will require some permissions in order to function properly. There are 73 permissions in total which will need to be accessed. Some of these include your battery life, the state of your wireless connection and the ability to access your download manager. Please read their technical details to learn more.
  • How do I install Mobogenie for Android?

    The installation process is quick and straightforward. When you click on the Softonic download link, you will be taken to a separate page. This page will guide you through the entire process (normally taking no more than a minute or two to complete).
  • Does Mobogenie for Android offer reviews of individual applications?

    Unfortunately, you are not currently able to access online reviews from manufacturers or buyers. This application is simply meant to provide you with a quick and streamlined method to view apps before examining them in further detail directly through the Google Play store.


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